Saturday, June 23, 2012

Space- Illustration Friday Entry

There was this one time, when my Mum threw my sister and me out of the house because of something we did. Dee was 14 and I was 8, I'm pretty sure it was some petty thing but Mum was furious! And we had no choice but to sit outside in the dark. We looked outside, far and beyond and talked about everything under that brilliant blue sky and twinkling stars. It was our 'space' and our time and something I will never ever forget!

I tried a full watercolour wash and a texture technique. An amateur attempt, but a good exploration!

Thank you Jishnu for the moral support and help!

Colour for this Chappal: Sky Blue!


  1. This is really really beautiful-=love the sense of space, and the camraderie between the two girls.

  2. Whoa this is gorgeous! The colours and texture have come out beautifully, and the composition is damn nice :)

  3. really the texture too...can almost see the twinkling stars!Keep it up!

  4. i remember that time!!!
    love the blue of the sky and can only think of the good times spent with u :)

  5. You have definitely captured the word space.