Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Feet Makeover

When I started to redesign my blog, couple of months back, little did I know that I would have so much fun doing other people's blogs as well. This one was special. Something I had been wanting to do for a while and do it well. So I gave myself the longest time to think over it, until I was pestered to get down to doing it with a full sentimental twist to it.

Quilling is a paper craft form, that I have always wanted to try and this was my chance. A close friend (and classmate) of mine, Roshini and I took it up as a project and decided to go ahead with it. We came up with rough compositions and decided to go ahead with all guns blazing. It was oh-so-much fun! We took exactly one and a half days to complete this. The investment we made were of initial paper prints, paper and glue. Apart from that, we did give our body mind and soul into it!

Here's what we came up with finally, and needless to say, it was loved by the blog owner, who happens to be my mother dear! The blog is now available on

Thank you Roshini, for making this possible!

You can view more of Roshini's work on

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Redoing Sushie's Blog

Recently a close friend of mine (Sushie) moved to the US to pursue her film making dreams at NYU (wow!) She decided to write a blog about both the countries and wanted me to re-design her blog (yay!, lucky me).

Sush was pretty clear with what she wanted, something to show both the countries, colourful and funky too. I decided to make the header and the background of the blog. Here's what I did. Loved the job , Sushie. Thank you!

Sushie's blog is now available on

Prima Donna

When we were in college, a friend and I had a favourite word, Prima Donna, meaning Drama Queen. We have moved on and now she has her own freelance event management company by the same name! I pounced upon the opportunity to create an identity for it and this was the result. Again, a whole lot of fun!
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Family Tree

It wouldnt be incorrect to say that my mother's mother's side is HUGE and often leads to a lot of confusion amongst the members! So I decided to make a nice family tree for the entire gang. I must admit, it was a whole lotta fun! The attached jpeg is going to be highly pixelated but do have a look!

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