Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gubbare Ladki (Balloon Girl)

Well, I would have to admit I was a crazy fan of balloons as a kid and I still am. They get me happy and full of smiles, always. More than anything else. For my 21st birthday, my parents asked my sister to fill my room with balloons. :)

While growing up in Lucknow, we used to go out for a drive almost every Sunday and my Baba always bought me a huge one and my face beamed with joy. It was then when I also went to school and sang Hindi nursery rhymes. This particular one was dear to me, because it was about balloons.

So some 17 years later, when I got a supercool new drawing tablet, I decided that this would be my first 'illustration'. Balloons and Happiness. So much joy.

I enjoyed this so much.

Memories of childhood.

The rhyme is narrated by a balloon seller and translates to:

Buy balloons, buy balloons,
We come from Hazratganj,
bringing all coloured balloons,
red, pink, blue and yellow.
look, they are all filled with air!

PS: Thats me! Flying with them!

Colour for this chappal: Yellow!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Portrait Simplification

As part of the 'Word and Image' course, we had to sketch out a fellow classmate using the negative space and simplify the portrait. Further we had to incorporate a word apt for the person within the layout.

I sketched out V.D's side profile and incorporated the word 'halcyon' as an attribute. I handled things with great care initially, but did go ahead and make mistakes and re-did the process quite a few times.
The portrait sketching was challenging and a very good learning process. We could enhance the portrait digitally and then incorporate the word within it.

Here are a few explorations and the final outcome of the exercise.

Exploration 1

Exploration 2


Colour for this chappal: Orange