Saturday, June 30, 2012

'Refresh'- Illustration Friday

Nothing is more refreshing than looking at trees, imagining to swing on them and then drawing just that!I love trees, and they always calm me down. They are full of energy, and every branch has a story to tell.  The trick is to close your eyes tight and quickly look at a green tree to get you all charged up!

Trees and their beauty. Ever so refreshing!

I tried my favourite technique of watercolour and pen. So much joy!

Colour for this chappal: Green. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Space- Illustration Friday Entry

There was this one time, when my Mum threw my sister and me out of the house because of something we did. Dee was 14 and I was 8, I'm pretty sure it was some petty thing but Mum was furious! And we had no choice but to sit outside in the dark. We looked outside, far and beyond and talked about everything under that brilliant blue sky and twinkling stars. It was our 'space' and our time and something I will never ever forget!

I tried a full watercolour wash and a texture technique. An amateur attempt, but a good exploration!

Thank you Jishnu for the moral support and help!

Colour for this Chappal: Sky Blue!

Monday, June 18, 2012

'Secret'- Illustration Friday Entry

They say keeping secrets is one of the most difficult things to do! But I disagree! As my debut entry for Illustration Friday, the theme being 'Secret', I decided to illustrate my favourite secret keeper, Muddles, my six year old Labrador.

The attempt was to show Muddles putting his ear up while I try to tell him my secret(s)!
Muddles is loyal, fun, super duper cute and the best secret keeper! It took me back to all those good times spent with him and all the 'secrets' I shared and what all secrets he witnessed! I believe Dogs love like no other and keep secrets like no other! I'm sure all our dogs know all our deep dark secrets!

After I long break, Im back to illustrating and drawing, and I loved doing the Watercolour on this. It was good getting back to the basics. I was hesitant to put it up, but its a beginning and there is always something to learn! Its my attempt at a children's style illustration, colourful and fun.

What I see going wrong, is the black ink outlines. That is something I need to work on very hard! The smoothness needs to show!

But, what joy in doing this!

Special thanks to Roshini for introducing me to this and helping me oh-so-much!

Colour for this chappal: Yellow!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nandita & Anuraag

Nandita and Anuraag are probably one of the only classic love story couples, I have ever met. And they are special! Nandita is my mum's all-new-youngest-best friend and they have done some superb projects together. Anuraag  is my dad's best friend (read SOS and gadget guru).

Nandita casually once mentioned how they wanted a nice new nameplate  (later on I came to know that in their one year of marriage, the only nameplate they ordered had spelt their names incorrectly!)  I jumped at the opportunity to be of some help!. We spoke about it a little bit and later I got to know so much more about them, through this one name plate.

What they wanted was simple. Something that represented them and the fun they like to have. I spoke to Nandita at length about what they like, what they have in common interests in. I had found my point to work on!

After a few drafts and alterations, a final design was chosen. They both are jazz lovers, so I gave them a jazz/ classic look and feel a couple of options that they could chose from. They liked one and with one odd change, the final thing was done. 

I was quite sure how the look and feel of it should be. The nameplate was made in a size that fit on an A3 and it was printed on A3 art card, a matt layer film was added and it was framed with a brown wooden frame. 

As I handed it over to them, I could see the excitement and I was told they loved it. I hope they did! The nameplate earned me a tight hug, a beautiful cup of coffee with some brilliant career talk, and almost three months supply of my favourite chocolate Toblerone (and to forget the cutest kitchen utility item ever!) 

Thank you, classic couple for this opportunity!

Thank you awesome framer in Amritsar who gave me my order in couple of hours! What a nice man! 

PS: We took pics with the nameplate, but due to privacy issues, they cant be put up!

Colour for this chappal: Blue.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rang Bhari!

 The colourful energy of Punjab and its awesomeness is truly inspring, in every way.
My next venture this holiday was to make this fun filled bag. Using something I found on the galli's of Amritsar, and combining it with my not-so-experienced designer brain, I was amazed at what came out of my experiment.

After ideating it ( using fabric and the phooli's ) and getting the stitching done, I asked the neighbourhood tailor if she could tell me where I could get some bright gota. She was extremely kind to hand me over some leftovers from her big collection of wastes! Thank you Poonamji!

So colourful and so much fun, it brightens my day and is now my favourite carry along!
Special thanks to the Masterji who sat through the stitching of this, Bhram Bhaiya for the support and Mummyji for taking pictures!

The idea for the PhotoShoot was to team up something formal with this fun bag, so it adds a zing , although it matches with literally anything!

Colour for this chappal: Yellow!

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