Saturday, November 24, 2012

Monolithic Printed Book on Social Inequality

At the HS, Hannover, I got the opportunity to be part of a Masters Workshop held by Ms Dorothee Wienlich that looked at interesting printing techniques. This involved hand printing (monolithic technique) using various materials and also usage of typography at certain places through new and innovative techniques (for me atleast).

We had to base our notebook on one of our main projects. Since I was not very deep into a particular project, I chose a project of mine that looks at Social Inequality. At that point there were some basic keywords that I had in mind and not a very clear idea, but the overall theme was set.

We painted, printed and stitched the final notebook over two days.

Here are images of the final notebook.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Illustration Friday: Tree

I was screaming with joy when I got to know that the topic was Tree this week.
What I am, is crazy about Trees. Im a tree hugger, tree lover, tree liver.

Here are some of my sketches of trees that I have been doing for a while.


As part of the Figure Und Portrait course (Figure and Portrait) here at the FHH, there was a surprise that came along our way last week.

We were asked to paint an individual canvas, without being given any details. The canvas had something that needed to be made on it already. As in, a reference of sorts. For me, it was a test of getting acrylic colour right as well as making sure I do what I see. It was very very interesting to do actually. Eventually all the canvases came together to form a huge and very very interesting painting. We didnt know what it would form or if was supposed to form anything at all.

I have done nothing of this nature, with such a mixed group and with an end result so big and beautiful.
The project was a wall installation for someone who had asked for it. So the next step was to install it for him at his residence. Needless to say, that too was an experience.

So much learning.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I was lucky to be part of whats called a Creativity Jam also known as a Global Sustainability Jam, which is a platform for anyone and everyone to think about solving sustainability problems of the world that may be in form, manner or concern. Its a place where one discusses sustainability at each level, thinks about it actively and looks at system solutions as well as grassroot level solutions. There is a theme that is provided worldwide, and its very cool, to the say the least. I was part of the Jam in Hamburg, North Germany .

The jam follows a simple approach. Do what you think, and make something out of it. The ideas are all out there, but just think. There is interaction, brainstorming, user survey, problem analysing, followed by ideation and concept building and finalising solutions for one problem. Its a power packed exercise at problem solving.
The experience was one of its kind. Organised perfectly from the administration point of view, there was a very focussed attempt at the exercise. The theme globally for the 2012 Sustainability Jam was HeartBeats. The open endedness of the theme, made it complex yet simple. The entire process was to be done in teams of 4 members. 

At the end of 48 hours, the aim was create an idea (product or service based) that would cater to someone's need and solve a small or big, but a problem somehow, that we thought was a problem. This could be related to any way to sustainablity and or the theme of heart beats. 
After brainstorming, question building and thinking of it individually, we set up a set of three questions that we thought connected the theme, the issue of sustainability and our concerns in the best manner. We did a small yet effective research by talking to a few people and got the basic take on the theme. This we thought would give us an idea of what we might be able to work on. 

We looked at problem building, the need to address the problem, and the nature of the problem itself. It was also the stage where we thought who something we wanted to work on,  was aimed at. After deciding on the three basic things, we looked at the solution, the medium and the way to address it. Finally, there was the prototyping stage and the final presentation of the concept and its demonstration.

To put it all together, our concern was to address the here and now section of the youth, who is aware but unconsciously, and ultimately doesnt care. What the need was to address the personal connect to a topic as such. No one feels a connection, or derives a benefit as such. The target group was narrowed down to someone who studies in a University and has the liberty of choosing courses.

The derived concept ultimately was in such a way that there was a benefit, and a learning through the process of practical application and action. We call it 'actionability'

Kindly view the video to understand the concept fully and wholly.

The work shown here is an ideation based on a concept, developed by a team over a period of two days. Please do feel free to give comments and feedback.

The Jam was probably one of the best events thats I have attended in a while, it made me feel energised and refreshed, and made me learn a lot . The aspects of working in a group were at a new level and had something entirely new to offer me.

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