Thursday, September 27, 2012

German Records

It has been a while since Ulti Chappal got an update. Apologies. I now am a multi-blogger, as I record my experiences in Europe, through two major blogs, one personal and one on a more professional and learning aspect.

The personal blog called Die Gilbe Post literally translating to The Yellow Post (a direct reference to the Postal Systems in Germany) was designed by me before I left India for Germany. Its a record of my experiences and fun things during my stay. The header is of an old Agfa envelope (almost vintage) that my mother found and kept safely for me.

The Agfa Envelope

Details on the the Agfa envelope

Details on the the Agfa envelope
The header didnt take too long to make and I enjoyed the process thoroughly.

Final Header

Screen shot of the blog

Read Die Gilbe Post and be part of what I experience!

The Design Diaries is my observational and learning record from all frontiers. I intended to share my academic work done as well through this. Its a wordpress first, and I look forward to some interesting times with it! I decided to not mess with the header, keep it plain and simple and explore as things move on.

Screenshot of the blog

 Read The Design Diaries and feel free to leave comments!

Colour for this chappal: Black, Red and Yellow.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Brand New Identity

In order to communicate and build relations, for my next venture, I decided it was important for me to have my own visiting cards. This decision was taken long long back, but I never got around to doing it.

Until recently while printing my documentation at the printers, I was tempted to make my own card. And after putting my mind into it for fifteen minutes, I came up with my own personalised card.

The front has very few details, with a symbol depicting communication, and wants to look and sound like 'Lets Talk'. The back has a QR code for my blog and other contact details. The colour of the card is orange and white, orange because it could stand out with other white cards (in someone's wallet) and also it being associated to India. The cards were printed on 300 GSM Matt Card paper and finished with a round cut edge.

One of my first professional-to-be-used designs. 
I hope I can share these cards soon!

Colour for this chappal: Orange

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tribal Museum- A Narrative

As a second outcome of my earlier assignment, based on the Tribal Museum, I thought it would be nice to have something that tells a narrative with turns through a paper format.

I decided to go ahead with a piano fold style, hand painted version of the narrative. The narrative is through the eyes of a young boy who is looking at the Museum as though coming to life.

There were quite a few pencil explorations and I finally settled for poster painted, Pithora styled illustration on a textured brown paper, for an earthy feel.

Here is how it looked finally:


So much fun doing this!!

Colour for this chappal: Earthy brown!