Saturday, July 31, 2010

The July Rains

If you love the rain, you will love July. In most parts of the country, its the month of the monsoons and where I live now, its in its full rage. The rains bring in so much pleasure and expectation in people's lives. Be it a farmer, a kid, a young couple in love or an old lady.

The rains teach one to be patient and to enjoy nature's gift. Even though there is fury at times, its still one of the most loved seasons. Songs have been written, movies made and art created in honour of the rain. It holds a special place even in the hearts of the Gods.

Although troublesome at times with the routine of the raincoat/umbrella, saving your important documents, not wearing white and saving your 'kolhapuri' chappals, the rain brings joy to almost everyone's lives. An ice cream in the pouring rain, chai and pakodas, a cozy movie is what people like to accompany the rain with. Its beautiful how it can change one's mood.

More often than not, we forget the importance of the gifts of nature, and the rain is just one of them. For many, its a way of living and for many its a way to remember good times. Everyone has their own rain stories and I have mine too.

This is a tribute to my love for the rain (when I'm indoors only)!

Colour for this glaze: BLUE!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The July Joy

There is finally some joy in life and its July that has brought it in.
A refreshing change in the way I live and in the things I see.
So, maybe at the end of the day when you finish with all that bad time that you have had and the never ending struggle, it does teach you one thing, and that is to hold on.
I never believed it when I was told that something better was lying ahead, maybe it was and I'm glad! It was obviously worth the wait.
So here's to new beginnings, and hopefully new found happiness.

Colour for this chappal: Yellow!