Saturday, May 19, 2012

Recycled Sketchbooks

Well, there is just too much waste paper around. Stuff that cannot be used because its outdated (official stuff) and some paper that has just been lying around for years. Untouched and unused. It makes me sad when I see all of it just lying about.

So, to hone my binding skills and do a lot with this very paper, these papers were all binded, in their exact form and way. Not wasting even one bit. Courtesy a small-scale run press, I managed to bind my own recycled sketchbooks.

The covers are too, completely made of recycled materials, paper, cloth and one old Indian flag that was stitched onto it! I even experimented with the Gondh illustration style on one cover, with my dog being its hero! I love these all-new-yet-old sketchbooks that have such a strong association of names, places and patriotism!

Such pure joy!

Colour for this chappal: Bond Paper White

Friday, May 18, 2012

Neha ka Wacom

Neha is my bestie.
And I wanted to gift her something that "I" make,.
And something that was useful and what she needed.

Eversince Neha bought her Wacom tablet and we dicussed it,we often complained how difficult it was handle it while travelling/ carrying it around in general. Idea struck and a handmade quilted Wacom cover was decided upon! Neha being Neha, I wanted something filmy and fun! I quilted the cover according to a size, simultaneously deciding what would go on it. I made a couple of HUGE errors and after several failed attempts at printed something for a quilted cover, fabric paint was brought to the rescue. A gift I totally enjoyed making and Neha, I assume likes using! ;)

Completely recycled (except the velcro bit) and with 100% love!

Here's what came at the end of it all. Thank you Roshini for all the help!!

Pssstt: Neha uses her Wacom more than she needs the cover! See more of her work here .

Colour for this chappal: Yellow and blue

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Of Blockprinted Cards

While I'm totally enjoying my super long super awesome holiday, I have been upto some interesting things too! Earlier this month, I tried my hand at blockprinting, at a small unit here, where Im currently holidaying. After trying out all possible things on cloth, my love for paper rose and I started printing on paper. It was SUPER FUN indeed. A whole day of colour, paper and my favourite prints! Oh-what-fun!

After printing on handmade paper one side, I decided to make cards with old wedding cards. Indian wedding cards have such wonderful paper and it hurts to see it go waste! After cutting my papers and cards to a standard size, I came up with almost 25 cards! There was no design, concept or pattern. It was just an exploration and experimentation with my love for the medium and the art!

I'm very grateful to those who let me do this! Thank you 5/5!

Colour for this chappal: Multicoloured