Thursday, May 17, 2012

Of Blockprinted Cards

While I'm totally enjoying my super long super awesome holiday, I have been upto some interesting things too! Earlier this month, I tried my hand at blockprinting, at a small unit here, where Im currently holidaying. After trying out all possible things on cloth, my love for paper rose and I started printing on paper. It was SUPER FUN indeed. A whole day of colour, paper and my favourite prints! Oh-what-fun!

After printing on handmade paper one side, I decided to make cards with old wedding cards. Indian wedding cards have such wonderful paper and it hurts to see it go waste! After cutting my papers and cards to a standard size, I came up with almost 25 cards! There was no design, concept or pattern. It was just an exploration and experimentation with my love for the medium and the art!

I'm very grateful to those who let me do this! Thank you 5/5!

Colour for this chappal: Multicoloured