Friday, May 18, 2012

Neha ka Wacom

Neha is my bestie.
And I wanted to gift her something that "I" make,.
And something that was useful and what she needed.

Eversince Neha bought her Wacom tablet and we dicussed it,we often complained how difficult it was handle it while travelling/ carrying it around in general. Idea struck and a handmade quilted Wacom cover was decided upon! Neha being Neha, I wanted something filmy and fun! I quilted the cover according to a size, simultaneously deciding what would go on it. I made a couple of HUGE errors and after several failed attempts at printed something for a quilted cover, fabric paint was brought to the rescue. A gift I totally enjoyed making and Neha, I assume likes using! ;)

Completely recycled (except the velcro bit) and with 100% love!

Here's what came at the end of it all. Thank you Roshini for all the help!!

Pssstt: Neha uses her Wacom more than she needs the cover! See more of her work here .

Colour for this chappal: Yellow and blue

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  1. Finally you used the quilt method...I loved seeing it....someone did use it...Good going babe!