Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Tribal Puzzle

A recent assignment at NID, part of the Visual Narrative course was to come up with a narrative for a specific place in Ahmedabad.I chose the Tribal Museum in Gujarat Vidyapeeth and decided to do a narrative on it.

The Tribal Museum is a world of its own. Its like a secret that you'll never think existed! Situated in a small corner of the Vidyapeeth, its greets you with a tribal features and architecture. There are enclosures that showcase the life of the Gujarat tribes and the way of their living. These enclosures are inside and outside. The interior is a two storied building done neatly and carefully. The museum gives information pretty well about the tribes. Their lifestyle, everyday living, objects they use etc are all shown with various installations. 

If you're lucky you'll get a guided tour too! 

To take this assignment further, one of my approaches was to see it through the folk art that is practised by these tribes. I decided to have a narrative that is interactive. It would be great to try a game or a puzzle of sorts so that the viewer is actively involved. After much thought, I decided to go ahead with a folk art style puzzle that showcases  a day in the life of a tribal village.

The concept is pretty simple, with a narrative of the village through folk art, almost like you are entering the village in its full fervor and life! The execution has been done on Mill Board (4 ply) and then hand painted with poster colour. The entire process was more fun than ever and it was great to see it getting built. The whole idea of putting a story together was something I was aiming at.

To make the Puzzle look slighty more interesting, I decided to put it in a bag, so I custom made a jute bag for the puzzle. Although, slightly rough, the bag is to be used with a paper envelope for the puzzle pieces. It fit well and served the purpose too!

Pictures of the final executed puzzle and the bag

The entire exercise was fun and AWESOME!

Special thanks to: Soni Bhai, Roshini, Alpika,  and Jaimeen
Super special thanks to Manasi for the help and the photographs

Colour for this Chappal: Earthy brown

Monday, July 9, 2012

Illustration Friday- Suspend

There is  an old picture of my Grandmum with her two pigtails and a 'bindi'. Oh how gorgeous she looked in that! And I could only imagine how her long, luscious, thick plaits would be when she walked about briskly around the house.

My entry for suspend, this week, is in memory of my beautiful Grandmum. I wish I could have seen more of her!

Colour for this chappal: Red