Saturday, September 24, 2011

Macs and Hearts

So I got a new Macbook Pro and what a beauty it is.
It took my heart away. The first thing that struck me when I saw it was the Apple logo and then how it got me all 'aah ooh' . So this entry is a metaphorical one. On a impulse and a five minute job, this is also my first design 'thing' from the Mac'.

The joy in a Macbook.

Colour for this Chappal: Red!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

D & A

Ever since my sister (Dee) got married and moved into her own house(s), she always wanted me to design a 'nice' nameplate for her. 5 years and one cute lil baby later, my slow brain worked and today I made this for them. Simple and very them, I hope they like it. It corresponds to their names, Diya meaning 'lamp' and Arunav meaning 'the rising sun'. The challenge now is to develop an idea that incorporates the name of the lil one too. Another 5 years maybe??

Love you Dee and Dada. You are my all time favourite couple!

Colour for this chappal: Brown!

Kyoorius Legs

Earlier this month, I got an opportunity to attend a Design Conference in Goa. The event was great with some wonderful speakers and some very good sharing of work experiences. It was just brilliant.

There was a large student community who attended this and to me, it ended up more like a fashion show. People were so dressed up! From frilly frocks to almost not there pants. It was quite a sight! This entry is how I perceived my Kyoorius experience! Its also one of my first attempts of drawing human legs in such a large quantity. It was fun!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Black I believe rules design.
Even when I worked, I somehow found that black saved my designs and me, a lot of times.
This compostion struck me while I was getting assessed for a course called 'Colour'. Ironic.
I miss black and all the glee it brought me. I love colours but yes, black is one of my favourites too.

Colour for this chappal: Black! Haha!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aamra Shobai Raja

My Baba (father) has always been very fond of Bengali culture, inspite of staying most of his life outside Bengal and that has somehow been passed on to us. As kids, I vividly remember him saying the line from a Bengali song, "Amra Shobai Raja" translating to "We are all Kings", and yes, he made us feel like true Kings.

However hard I tried, I couldn't be a true Bengali, in the cultural aspect atleast. Either my voice was too shrill or my feet refused to dance! This blog post is a dedication to my Baba and a true attempt at a Bengali art form (Patua Scroll Paintings), that represents him at the centre as the Raja!

Happy Birthday Baba!

Thank you Rahul for your wonderful Wacom. It made this possible!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

India House Menu Card

While I was at bOunce (, this was one of the last projects I worked on, a menu card for a Gurgaon based restaurant called India House.

The brief was clear, bring out the 'Indianess' in India House. I came up with this concept based menu card and it got approved, along with every single image I chose for each page. Most of the images were bought from Dinodia (, one was from my boss's collection and a special mention to a friend, Rohit Nair, who was very nice and humble to contribute an image for this. Thank you so much! You can see more of Rohit's work here

It went into print only after I left and my boss was very kind to send me a copy. The paper and print quality of menu card is what made it look even better. It was one of the best and most enjoyed projects I have ever done.

Here are a few pages of the printed menu card.

Cover Page
A few pages of the inside

Photography courtesy: Anuj Gadre
Model: Roshini Pochont
Thank you for your valuable time and effort!

Colour for this chappal: Green!