Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aamra Shobai Raja

My Baba (father) has always been very fond of Bengali culture, inspite of staying most of his life outside Bengal and that has somehow been passed on to us. As kids, I vividly remember him saying the line from a Bengali song, "Amra Shobai Raja" translating to "We are all Kings", and yes, he made us feel like true Kings.

However hard I tried, I couldn't be a true Bengali, in the cultural aspect atleast. Either my voice was too shrill or my feet refused to dance! This blog post is a dedication to my Baba and a true attempt at a Bengali art form (Patua Scroll Paintings), that represents him at the centre as the Raja!

Happy Birthday Baba!

Thank you Rahul for your wonderful Wacom. It made this possible!

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  1. kuttie ,what an article-loved every word of it.and the fact today being a sunday i was listening to some nice bong songs and enjoying them.also really enjoyed all the articles in ur blog-you and your didi are both the real rajas!!!