Friday, August 24, 2012

Picture Books

Part of the visual narrative course, where an assignment involved creating a story within 5 frames, I initially struggled with coming up with a story, but finally managed to so.

The brief was to pick up five natural and five manmade objects and create a story around them. They had to be two different stories and without text, had to convey what was happening.

My initial attempts were not even close to being successful, but gradually things looked up. The assignment stopped at making just the frames, but I was keen to take it forward, so I developed them into printed picture books. Thats what I think does a little bit of justice to a story!

Here are my final frames of my stories.

The man-made object story is titled 'Why is Paula Scared' and is the story of a young girl who is haunted by her imagination but is also surprised by it!.

The natural objects story is titled 'Trees of Life' and is an attempt to tell one how time can change things for anyone.

Here are how the final books looked like. They were a joy to make. Printed to line textured yellow paper, 170 GSM.

Oh what fun! and what joy!

Colour for this chappal: Pale shades of watercolours!