Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Damini & Akshay

Weddings are always fun things! And there was a wedding in the family recently and due to 'my busy college schedule' I was unable to make it.

The person who was getting married was my sister's husband's sister (it sounds distant, but is very close) and she is one of the coolest persons I know! Her husband is equally fun and genius-ey. (If thats a word) :D

For them, I had decided earlier itself that I would make a nameplate, I wanted to give the printing bit a shot as well as see how I could challenge myself to this task. I decided to go in for a Bollywood Theme for this, because they are fun and colourful people!

I wanted to explore the idea of lettering myself and giving it a feel of a movie name. Due to time constraints, I wasn't able to do the practical application of this exercise, but did a digital rendering of the same.

The final design was printed on an A3 thick, glossy card sheet (300 GSM), cut into its size, laminated with a matt finished and framed with a black wooden border. This effect made it look exactly how I wanted it too, not bold and yet bot too subtle.

A pretty cool end project and a wonderful learning experience!

Photographs of the actual nameplate

Ma, holding the nameplate! 

My best wishes to the newest funnest couple! Have a suppperrrrbb time!

Colour for this chappal: Yellow , red and blue!


  1. As someone who wanted to attend the wedding and couldn't, too, I'm annoyed that I can neither have the creativity to come up with such awesome ideas nor execute them even with a detailed spec sheet.


  2. Shreyaaaaa!!! You are officially my favourite vassal of all time ;)Thank you very much for this beautiful gift and the lovely words. God, I have to start planning a wedding gift for you from now itself if I have any hope of making it even remotely as perfect as this!
    Lots and lots of love,