Monday, April 23, 2012

The Army Wives' Diary

Since I'm home these summer holidays, I decided to stay at home and relax. Until my Mum told me that there was going to be a social evening at the club in the town where Im currently residing in.

After a lot of hestitation and pestering I agreed to join in. I dont remember the last time I performed something, so I was kind of scared. But this proved to be a gala fun time for me.  The play was titled 'The Army Wives' Diary' and was a fun take on the different stages and phases that an Army wife goes through. There was drama and a lot of humour. I enjoyed myself thoroughly during the event.

Most participants were Army Wives themselves and wanted to have a lot of fun during this play. It was decided that the play would be all fun based and different roles and characters were assigned. I was asked to shake a leg and help out here and there. After what seems like years, I danced in public, with proper steps and chereography. I dont remember the last time I had so much fun!

I also volunteered to do some sort of publicity and handle their art direction. For funs sake, I made a couple of teasers and poster (after a full fledged photoshoot) for the event. These were sent out as circulars and got good a pretty good response. The photoshoot was also a whole lot of fun, with kids and aunties giving me some wonderful poses!

Since the play was a lot of drama, for the end, I thought it would be different and fun to have a proper credit sequence, so with prior permission, I started to build on that as well. I clicked candid shots, edited and added music and compiled it together. It was an amateur attempt at a credit sequence, but it did work finally!

The play was staged on last saturday and got a huge response and even a standing ovation! People enjoyed it and I did too.

I had a wonderful experience and enjoyed every bit.

The Teasers and Posters


The End Credits Sequence

Colour for this chappal: Pink, Yellow and Green

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  1. Hah! This sure sounds like fun! Another dimension to the 'Army-ness'!
    I love the box wala poster :D