Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Indian Woman- Symbol Design

The Noun Project  is an open source project that allows one to submit as well as use icons for words and nouns. Its a wonderful initiative and I felt I could have contributed somehow to this. I made an icon for 'Stress' that I designed during the Visualising Marathon 2012 and decided to put it up on the project.

While working one day, I subconsciously drew a symbol that looked like an Indian Woman. Although it represents an ideal Indian Woman, I felt it was one of the better and more recognizable ways to identify with the Indian Woman.  But after an almost interrogation session with a classmate who believed it didn't look like what an Indian Woman looks like, anymore and always, I chose not to put it up.

As a designer, I feel we work on stereotypes and what one identifies with best. To me, its an idealistic representation of an Indian woman and the most recognizable form.

Some other day when Im confident enough, maybe I will put it up.

If you're reading/seeing this, do let me know what you think and what works for you. I will appreciate the help!

Indian Woman
(Suggested icon, unpublished)

Stress Icon
(available on The Noun Project)

Colour for this chappal: Black (and red)

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  1. Hmm. I don't think you should have hesitated about the Indian woman icon. True, it is a stereotype and in the age of people striving to be overtly politically correct, some people who have their sole business to be offended will be offended but you see, at the end of the day, stereotypes exist because to an extent, they are the things that are 'typical' of that section.
    For example, if you have to, by means of plain drwaing, distinguish a male Arab from the other guys of the world, wouldn't you use a draw a man wearing the keffiyeh? It would be the most accurate though of course those who must take offense will (rightly) claim that not every male Arab wears a keffiyeh at all times etc etc. But isn't that a pointless argument?
    I can go on about other examples but I gguess this isn't the place.
    In any case, I think your design is VERY appropriate and you should go ahead and submit it. People who see your work can choose to be offended by it or not like it but you should stand by the bindi! It works!