Thursday, November 15, 2012


As part of the Figure Und Portrait course (Figure and Portrait) here at the FHH, there was a surprise that came along our way last week.

We were asked to paint an individual canvas, without being given any details. The canvas had something that needed to be made on it already. As in, a reference of sorts. For me, it was a test of getting acrylic colour right as well as making sure I do what I see. It was very very interesting to do actually. Eventually all the canvases came together to form a huge and very very interesting painting. We didnt know what it would form or if was supposed to form anything at all.

I have done nothing of this nature, with such a mixed group and with an end result so big and beautiful.
The project was a wall installation for someone who had asked for it. So the next step was to install it for him at his residence. Needless to say, that too was an experience.

So much learning.

Colour for this chappal: BLUE! 


  1. Well.wat an idea sirjee.may be the right expression.cause the whole concept of imagining part as a part of a bigger puzzle is simple but brillinat.and result are spectacular

  2. This is brilliant.. this is a combination of sorts.. these individual paintings were made by ppl from different nationalities? looks so to me.. interesting.