Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nandita & Anuraag

Nandita and Anuraag are probably one of the only classic love story couples, I have ever met. And they are special! Nandita is my mum's all-new-youngest-best friend and they have done some superb projects together. Anuraag  is my dad's best friend (read SOS and gadget guru).

Nandita casually once mentioned how they wanted a nice new nameplate  (later on I came to know that in their one year of marriage, the only nameplate they ordered had spelt their names incorrectly!)  I jumped at the opportunity to be of some help!. We spoke about it a little bit and later I got to know so much more about them, through this one name plate.

What they wanted was simple. Something that represented them and the fun they like to have. I spoke to Nandita at length about what they like, what they have in common interests in. I had found my point to work on!

After a few drafts and alterations, a final design was chosen. They both are jazz lovers, so I gave them a jazz/ classic look and feel a couple of options that they could chose from. They liked one and with one odd change, the final thing was done. 

I was quite sure how the look and feel of it should be. The nameplate was made in a size that fit on an A3 and it was printed on A3 art card, a matt layer film was added and it was framed with a brown wooden frame. 

As I handed it over to them, I could see the excitement and I was told they loved it. I hope they did! The nameplate earned me a tight hug, a beautiful cup of coffee with some brilliant career talk, and almost three months supply of my favourite chocolate Toblerone (and to forget the cutest kitchen utility item ever!) 

Thank you, classic couple for this opportunity!

Thank you awesome framer in Amritsar who gave me my order in couple of hours! What a nice man! 

PS: We took pics with the nameplate, but due to privacy issues, they cant be put up!

Colour for this chappal: Blue.

Like it? Want one? Get in touch!

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  1. As beautiful as your last post.. or may be a lil bit more.. Too good! :)