Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rang Bhari!

 The colourful energy of Punjab and its awesomeness is truly inspring, in every way.
My next venture this holiday was to make this fun filled bag. Using something I found on the galli's of Amritsar, and combining it with my not-so-experienced designer brain, I was amazed at what came out of my experiment.

After ideating it ( using fabric and the phooli's ) and getting the stitching done, I asked the neighbourhood tailor if she could tell me where I could get some bright gota. She was extremely kind to hand me over some leftovers from her big collection of wastes! Thank you Poonamji!

So colourful and so much fun, it brightens my day and is now my favourite carry along!
Special thanks to the Masterji who sat through the stitching of this, Bhram Bhaiya for the support and Mummyji for taking pictures!

The idea for the PhotoShoot was to team up something formal with this fun bag, so it adds a zing , although it matches with literally anything!

Colour for this chappal: Yellow!

Like it? Want one? Write to me!


  1. Ooooh! I want one! I want one! Damn cool!
    Also - the master-ji only sat through the stitching - as in you were the one who did the actual stitching? Awesome!

  2. i so loooooove it!!!! i want one too!!! great going...

  3. mujheee bhiii!!! it looks awesome!! :D good goinggg shreyu!

  4. Hey
    How much do these cost? And I live in Delhi. I'd love one as well :)

    1. Hello SS! Is there an email id I can contact you on? Or you could write to me at

  5. hi shreya sorry for the late reply, my ID is :) Looking forward to hear from!