Monday, June 18, 2012

'Secret'- Illustration Friday Entry

They say keeping secrets is one of the most difficult things to do! But I disagree! As my debut entry for Illustration Friday, the theme being 'Secret', I decided to illustrate my favourite secret keeper, Muddles, my six year old Labrador.

The attempt was to show Muddles putting his ear up while I try to tell him my secret(s)!
Muddles is loyal, fun, super duper cute and the best secret keeper! It took me back to all those good times spent with him and all the 'secrets' I shared and what all secrets he witnessed! I believe Dogs love like no other and keep secrets like no other! I'm sure all our dogs know all our deep dark secrets!

After I long break, Im back to illustrating and drawing, and I loved doing the Watercolour on this. It was good getting back to the basics. I was hesitant to put it up, but its a beginning and there is always something to learn! Its my attempt at a children's style illustration, colourful and fun.

What I see going wrong, is the black ink outlines. That is something I need to work on very hard! The smoothness needs to show!

But, what joy in doing this!

Special thanks to Roshini for introducing me to this and helping me oh-so-much!

Colour for this chappal: Yellow!


  1. Ah! I love this!
    I also I have a labrador dog, his name is Tino!
    is 7 years old
    oh, he never leaves me, not a single second since I get up until I go to bed!!!!!
    Sorry to suggest something: perhaps you should not draw in black ink, watercolor looks better on the pencil line.
    Goodbye, good weekend for you
    visit me on my blog!

  2. welcome to IF. it'll be good fun! nice illo!