Thursday, March 8, 2012

Postmodernism in a Poster

Part of a course called 'Narrative Theory', at NID, as a final assignment we had the liberty to anything based on the theories we learnt during the one week course.  While the course was on itself, we noticed that there was hardly any representation of Graphic Design in the various eras that we studied. Akshan, Anupriya, Roshini, Deepti and I decided to make posters on these very theories we learnt, a representation of sorts, which would basically show how graphic designers must have thought then and further represented themselves.

Following the theme of, 'Graphic Design toh koi bhi kar sakta hai' meaning 'anyone can do graphic design' we chose different era's we wanted to work on. 

The poster I did was on post-modernism. To me, post-modernism was an era, where people broke out of structure and boundaries. It was all about breaking a code, expressing yourself and putting things together. More like a cut and paste of sorts.

My poster followed a collage theme, with alphabets taken from various styles of typography and a background of a newspaper.

Definitely not one of my best works, but this was a learning experience.

Colour for this chappal: black and white

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