Saturday, March 10, 2012

It Isn't Time Passing By

As part of the course Word and Image, we had to illustrate a poem and make a book form of it, I chose the Ruskin Bond poem 'It Isn't Time Passing'. My illustration idea was such that it looks like there are folds in the paper, because folded paper is associated with memories, on a personal note atleast.

The idea behind the narrative is to show a sort of comparison between time and the fact that you cant control it. Its almost like the narrator (the girl) is trying to hold on the birds but they fly away. A metaphor of the time she remembers is drawn with the birds. The style is simple, playing with lines that form patterns and textures.

This goes to print on midly textured paper.

A long due task I wanted to do, and do well.

Colour for this chappal: Brown

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