Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Documenting Quilting Bollywood

Earlier this semester when I did the Quilting Bollywood course as an Open Elective, I felt that there was a need for me to document the course experience and learnings. So I decided to do this in the form of a publication assignment, as also to learn Indesign. It was a good opportunity to do both.

So began the process of writing the content, thinking of an idea for the publication and then getting down to doing it finally. I was particularly inspired by this book I had once seen in the NID library and thought that it would be great to do something of that sort.

It didnt take me to long to create the content and the design for the publication. I slowly and steadily started to get the hand of Adobe Indesign and much to my pleasure, enjoyed it.

It was simple, plain and an attempt at being 'classic'. The document was printed on cartridge paper for a rustic effect. I enjoyed this self initiated project a lot. The publication was bound in the NID Print Labs and Im very grateful to them for their kind help, as always.

The only issue I felt was that the cover looked a little too simple, I probably will add something to it as soon as there is a little more time to get things done. Here are a few pictures of the printed and bound document.

 Regardless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this!

Colourful for this chappal: Grey and red