Monday, June 7, 2010

The Truth at Twenty

Clearly, I'm disappointed. This wasn't what I had expected or what I had planned either. The beginning of my twenty's wasn't supposed to be this way. I had a dream and wanted to live it.

A career that looks hazy or a job that I'm unable to find or a life that I'm not yet living. Its at points like these that you feel so disappointed and let down and have no expectations. Life will take its course and bring you about somewhere or the other no matter how long it takes. Its fine to say but horrible to feel it. Like a Princess who waits for her Price Charming, I wait for a life that I always want. Its nothing great, but its something I've always dream't of. A successful career or a satisfying job, they shouldn't be that difficult to find! But at twenty they certainly don't look easy.

The twenty's seem more difficult that most years (well, I have lived only those many) or perhaps its the beginning of the difficulties. A silver lining is awaited and so is some happiness. But for the moment, the truth at twenty is very hard and painful. There is hope to make it through, somehow someday.

Colour for this chappal: Grey.

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  1. There's still that 'H-word' lurking around the corner.