Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Hope is Still Alive

I'm not the kinds who has an liking for a particular word, but I do have a dislike for one word and that is HOPE. This four letter word makes the world go round and gives people wrong ideas most of the times. I have been a victim too! Remove it from the dictionary, I say! Really really.

So long, I had been hoping for things to happen, stuff to work out and life to move on! Sadly it didn't happen when I wanted them too and I was shattered, to say the least. They say that things take their own course to turn out well, and whatever happens, happens for the best! Oh, really?! I don't think so. I was asked to keep up my spirits and move on! Argghh!!! I tried and have been trying for a long long time. It won't be wrong to say that I'm frustrated too.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and now I'm suddenly in the belief that something good will come out from this phase and I'm 'hoping' that things work out. The flame is alive but burning not so brightly, I guess thats enough. Maybe I should stop expecting a miracle and get ready for some realities of life, but something enough to get life started.

So with that 'hope' I'm going to try once more and not give it up. Give it another chance. Till then, the hope is still alive!

Colour for this chappal: Cream

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  1. Jai Maharashhtra then :D
    It is great to know a little happiness is worming its way back into life.