Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Mess in Dreams

Life is a mess, and very unfair.

What we want, dream, plan, decide or even expect never ever happens.
The things you want to happen, never do and the things you dream about, always remain a dream.

So is it entirely wrong to dream and believe that something good could ever happen or is it only when you are down in the dumps, you begin to ponder upon the worst thats hit you? Dreams are fine, if you make them a goal and work towards them to make them come true. What happens when you do all that, and they still cheat on you? Makes you want to die right there and then.

Being positive is one thing but being positive and then never getting what you ever want is another. Can't be so optimistic now, can you?Its one of the worst feelings to be counting on your future with just a few strings attached. Its even more painful to see others get what they want, without doing much struggle and you just giving it your heart and soul and never succeed. Are some of us with such ill luck?

Perhaps so, but how long can you curse yourself and the time that you were born in?

Its murky and its dirty but somehow you have to make it through. I'll probably look back at this day someday and say, yes, I made it through. But for something good to happen, this mess has got to get clean. How and when, no one knows.

The wait is killing, sometimes I wish I could just clean up this mess, of confusion and ill luck and make it through to what I wish to do and want to do. Make my dreams all come true and life can be all happy and rosy. But then, maybe we all should stop dreaming and hoping, wishing and expecting.

Or maybe I should just stop dreaming and hoping, wishing and expecting.

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  1. Luck and Destiny.
    These two factors are more 'important' than we think they are.
    They'll also be responsible in some capacity when things turn around. And things will turn around... For the better!!