Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Friendship Tree

This one's dedicated to all my very close friends, the one I always remember and thank God for. There are old ones and new ones but all are special.

Dee is my all time friend-cum-enemy. I love her, I hate but I cannot live without her. It took me a while to get her to the 'friends' part of life, but she is the one who has supported me ALL along, saved me from a lot of trouble and encouraged me all the time. I love you Dee, you are the only family I can call my friend.

The oldest friend I can remember has to be Tinu. Tenaaz is a life support. We spent half our lives with each other! I have known her since I was 10 and its been a wonderful time spent with her. From haircuts to sarees, to dances, painting under the bed, group study, secret talks, fights and make ups, we've done it all. Her laughter brings a smile to everyone's face and so does her humour. She can take away your pain in a jiffy and make you feel oh-so-good! Ten years and counting, Tinu I'll always cherish you!

Sne, is my mummy. Sneha Singh Banerjee is probably the most mature friend I have ever had. She'll pick me up from where I fall and help me walk again. She has taught me some of life's most important lessons, one of which include to love fearlessly.

Raunaq Rajkhowa . My closest friend. Although we have more than a feet's difference in height, he's the one guy who KNOWS me. Its awesome to have him around, he can drive me mad and then can make me calm. We've written letters and cards, spoken on the phone for hours together but everytime feels like a new time. Thank you Q, you are my pillar of strength and will always be.

Priyanka/Pree/Ramdevi/IITwali, is my genius friend. Took us a while to get along, but once we hit the road of friendship but haven't touched the brakes even once! A living prodigy is what she is, she inspires me, believes in me and takes all my tantrums! The Delhi chronicles of life wouldn't have ever been the same without you. I owe you, lady!

Neha is the Animation Queen and my support through the three years of college. Negaaaa is probably what you call a package full of surprises! She lives like there is no tomorrow and is the closest to perfection. She has an aura around her as also the ability to giggle at the wrong times! We've had some pretty awesome times together, ones we'll never ever forget. I have learnt so much from her and its moments like these that I miss her the most. Thank you Neha, if it wasn't for the Communication Theories project, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Bumni and Sheru, Pallo and Vaish, Ishara, Nam and Prer are my family. The family that I'm ever ready to live with. Hostel wouldn't have been the same without all of you. What wonderful days (and nights) we have all had. Giggly, drunk and some sooper fun! Friends like you, make life worth it. Love you guys, always.

There are so many more friends to make and unmake and who's lives I've to be a part of. I love all my close friends and always will. There is room for new, but never less space for the old! Friendship is what I've learnt and valued from you all.

Thank you for being a part of my life.

Colour for the chappal: Yellow!


  1. thanks babes...
    i love u too.. for life!!!

  2. I love you tons too!
    I feel special and loved. And famous :D First time ever I've been featured in a blog. Ha.
    Thank you hai :)

  3. your just one of a kind shreya..sweet and sassy :D
    love you always and hope for more and more memories together...
    thanks.. :D muahhh

  4. :) .... roomiiiiie soo sweet of u!!! chennai wapis aaja...missing u :(. n yaa my first time in a blog too ;) heheh