Monday, October 3, 2011

The Entropic Project

When I joined NID, the first course we attended was a course called 'Introduction to Communication Studies' taken by a very learned and brilliant faculty, Mr Madhusudan Mukerjee. As our first assignment we had to work in groups and had to come up with something (anything) that would be very high in its redundant value but at the same time have a high entropic value as well. Basically we had to come up with something that was a very usual regular day thing but have a shocking value to it.

Here's what we came up with. I wouldnt like to disclose what the entropy is, but I do hope you can figure it out. Even though it was a group project, I would like to put it up as an entry on my blog because it was the first at NID, and probably one of the smarter things we (I) did.

I would like to thank my group mates, Roshini, Bhumika, Shirin and Poornima for all the hardwork and support ;)

Colour for this Chappal: Blue, I think.

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