Monday, October 10, 2011

The Basics of Printing

A course that we did in this semester (1st) was called 'Introduction to Printing' which was a course that began with a whole lot of theory and it ended with a whole week of practicals (More on that later). While we were learning printing and its basics, we had to document the entire course and our learnings. When I was almost done with my document, I realised that I had no cover for it because I had some initial ideas but I scrapped them because I felt they weren't working too well. Since the basics of offset printing lie in the inking processes, I was very sure I wanted the CMYK to be shown somewhere, Here's what came out at the end of it. What Im not very happy with is that the Y comes at the end, unlike the printing ink order ie CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black). A little more thinking into this will probably solve the problem. Food for though. Hmmn.

Its just coincidental that this post and the post two places before this (The Entropic Project) are similar. Probably my mind just thinks at the basic levels.

Colour for this chappal: CMYK!

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