Friday, December 23, 2011

Typography Day 2012 Poster Entries

Typography Day is an event all graphic designer students look forward to. For the year 2012 its being held at the IDC, Mumbai and every year there is a poster competition for the event. The brief for this year's competition was to design a poster or a composition expressing your favourite word in your mother script. Each participant is allowed submit three entries.

What I gauged from the brief was that we could express a word in our mother tongue and/or in any other language. I submitted three entries, two of them being Bengali words and one Sanskrit.

The point was to participate and be able to come up with something, which I think I did manage. The results shall be announced end of January, and I couldnt wait that long to put them up!

Bengali Word: Porebeshon, meaning,' to serve'

Bengali Word: Kantha,  the term is used for 'stitched quilts for babies'

Sanskrit Word: Suprabhatam, meaning, 'Auspicious Dawn'

Colour for this Chappal: Multicoloured, according to Posters!


  1. Sssssh! This should be kept under wraps! You don't want no plagiarism ;)

  2. I loved the first one...Very nice.. :-)