Monday, December 26, 2011

Lets Make It Personal

Ulti Chappal is my first and my  pet blog! After making it and a few more of friends and family, I decided I wanted my own 'personal, blog to be able to write down my feelings and experiences, sans any hesitations.

I decided to keep the name as 'Looking at it my way' since it is a reflection of what I feel and what I think. I painted the header with watercolours and wrote the title with a calligraphy pen. I didnt refine the imagine nor the text too much as I wanted to keep it rustic. I enjoyed the whole process, it felt really good to paint after a long time, and for myself! The painting initially had a tricolour in the other hand but I had to let go of it, since anatomy wise it looked not so correct. The painting also shows my love for the colours green and pink and my plants.  What I want to say is that, its almost like I bend to look at things, my way.

This is the initial watercolour painting that I did, with the flag in the hand.

This is  how the blog header now looks and is available on

Colour for this chappal: Green and Pink!

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  1. very nice typical 'U' the painting, the title, as well as the write up. Good show, keep your flag flying high!