Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Teen Tigada' vs Third Time Lucky

For me this is the scariest time. I'm generally not a believer of superstitions and sayings but this has suddenly scared me. In English, its said, third time lucky and in hindi it is 'teen tigada, kaam bigada' implying that the third time its over.

Essentially a positive vs negative attitude question, I have to admit I'm falling prey to the negative one. Damn. Its scary. More than being negative, I would justify myself by saying that Im being realistic. Then again, a third attempt will speak of my determination (I guess) and my interest completely.

Its reached the 'beyond the dreams' phase, more like a It Better Did Happen This Time.

I sound so confused now. Oh crap.
Maybe its the nervousness talking now.

Shall update soon on this.

Colour for this chappal: Yellow. Hopeful Yellow.


  1. A very wise lady once said:
    "So, maybe at the end of the day when you finish with all that bad time that you have had and the never ending struggle, it does teach you one thing, and that is to hold on.
    I never believed it when I was told that something better was lying ahead, maybe it was and I'm glad! It was obviously worth the wait."
    So do keep holding on. Good things lie in store!
    All the best :)

  2. I think 'teen tigada kaam bigada' refers to 'three people working together will spoil or ruin a task'. It is not about third time. It is about three people working together. Such as 'too many cooks..' saying in English.