Sunday, May 1, 2011

The New Found Comfort

Welcome to the city of hope.

Thats how I see Ahmedabad.

Four days into the place and Im almost in love with it.
I have done quite a bit of travelling and walking, observing and enjoying.
Apart from the heat, you will love the city if you love food, colour and chaos, and friendship as well.

My first friend, the automan has taken me for a ride around wherever I have wanted! And I have enjoyed it thoroughly. The people here are friendly,warm and kind. This I can vouch for, because the Printer whom I went to for some emergency prints has almost adopted me. I almost feel like a localite because mosthere talk to me in Gujarati! Its been so much fun all along.

I have also experimented with the ever-famous Gujarati Thali and it left me licking my fingers. I also managed to pay a visit to a few local markets and eating places and a temple too. A good start should be with faith.

I wish to stay back here and make myself some more friends and a lot more memories.
Fingers crossed.

Colour for this glaze: Multi coloured. Its Ahmedabad.


  1. Awesome post!
    You write so well!! You should keep updating this more often. Seriously!
    I love the fact that the colour for this glaze is multi coloured :D