Friday, January 13, 2012

Redoing Hajira

The last semester, in the Typography course we had to design a typeface for a place that we visited in Ahmedabad based on the observations we made. The initial typeface I made was based entirely on the architecture of the place, after tweaking a serif type and adding arches of the place.

First Execution

I decided to rework on this assignment (even before my jury happened) because I wasn't happy with the outcome at all. I tried to think without being influenced by the earlier executions, keeping the constraints of the colour in mind.  After a few explorations, I decided to highlight what one saw immediately on entering the place, the 'jaali's' with the detailing in them. This is what I came up with, though its something I would work on more, by the end of it, I learnt that its important to open your mind to things and be ready to redo them, even if its long gone.

Redone Execution

Colour for this chappal: Brown

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